GO Explore: Vienna

Here you’ll find a selection of tips for an outdoor e-moped trip.

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Explore Vienna

At GO Sharing, we want to help you explore and get around. For some inspiration, we have selected a few hotspots of Vienna.  
Of course, the current COVID-19 measures must be observed. 

Donau City and Kaisermühlen

Enjoy your day off, get out and have an adventure in the Donau City. There you can stroll along the old Danube, explore the Danube Park and experience Vienna in a different way. Either futuristic between the skyscrapers or like on vacation at the lake, with the many small houses on the banks of the old Danube.

Inner City            

Sightseeing the GO Sharing way? Get a GO Sharing e-moped and explore the Inner City together with your friends. Riding along the, so called Ring, has never been so much fun! Enjoy the breeze in the warm sun before making a stop at Heldenplatz – either to study at the National Library, explore the surrounding gardens or take a closer look at the 18th century architecture.


After your trip around the Ring, head to Votivpark. Here you can meet up with friends near the city center and wind down for the evening. The Votivkirche and the old buildings in the background create a nice ambience, which is enlivened by the streetcar traffic.

Belvedere Palace

Instead of taking the Bim, go by e-moped up to the 4th district, not far from the main station. The castle Belvedere offers much space to go for a walk or to do sports. The trip to the Belvedere can be combined with a visit to the Austrian Gallery of Belvedere.

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