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1 General

These are the general terms and conditions (the Conditions) of Go Sharing Austria GmbH or any company of the GreenMo Group that declares these Terms and Conditions applicable (Go Sharing).


To reserve and unlock our shared vehicles (the Services), you (as the User) must accept these Terms and Conditions when registering via the GO Sharing app (the App). You must provide us with all necessary information to complete the verification procedure for activating your account (the Account). After our confirmation of your reservation, a rental agreement (the Rental Agreement) will exist between us.


The actual use (the Use) of our shared vehicles (the Means of Transport) can only be started and ended in the so-called Service Area designated for this purpose in the App.


We use so-called Ground Rules and a so-called Other costs, which can be consulted via the following links: Ground Rules & Tariff Overview. The contents of these links are an integral part of the Terms.


If you want to know more, visit the GO Sharing website: www.go-sharing.com (the Website) or contact our customer service (the Customer Service).



2 Account

2.1 You are responsible for your Account, including its accuracy, security and use, as well as access thereto.

2.2 If you suspect that someone else is using your Account, you must report this immediately to our Customer Service.

2.3 If we suspect non-compliance with the Rental Agreement, we may refuse your registration, block Account or suspend, terminate or otherwise limit our Services (including the Use itself) at our discretion.

2.4 It is not allowed to give other persons access to your Account.


3 Use

3.1 A successful reservation does not mean that a (functioning) Means of Transport is available.

3.2 The Use ends when the message appears in the App that the Use has been successfully terminated.

3.3 The maximum period of time for the Use of the Means of Transport is in any case no longer than seven days.


4 Credit

4.1 If you purchase a credit for Use (the Credit), the date of issue will be the moment the Credit is visible on the Account.

4.2 Credits in the context of promotional activities are valid for 30 days. Other Balances will expire thirty (30) years from the date of issue.

4.3 Credits are personal and cannot be exchanged for money after the expiry of any statutory cooling-off period.

4.4 Any refund is only possible for unopened Credits.


5 Payment

5.1 We determine the costs of your Use in accordance with the Rates Overview. Do you have a subscription or a discount code? Then we take this into account.

5.2 Before you can start the Use, you select the desired payment method. Is a security deposit applicable? Then you authorize us to charge the deposit (as communicated in advance).

5.3 If a payment is not made on time, we can start a collection procedure. We will pass this on and the resulting costs on to you, and/or settle it against any deposit.

5.4 In the event of damage or accident when using the Service, we will charge you the excess of the Means of Transport. If it is established that this amount exceeds the costs, we will transfer the difference to your bank account known to us.


6 Third Party Billing

6.1 We may contact the third party whose payment details you have provided (the Third Party) directly in order to verify whether you have obtained the required consent thereto.

6.2 Do you not have permission? In that case, you must pay the outstanding claims yourself and you are liable for any damage suffered by us.

6.3 Do you have permission? Then the Third Party is jointly and severally responsible and liable with you for all obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions.


7 Liability

7.1 We are only liable in the event of intent or wilful recklessness on the part of Go Sharing executives.

7.2 Our liability is in any case limited to the cover under our applicable insurance policies.

7.3 In the event of no cover, our cumulative liability is limited to a maximum of EUR 25.000.

7.4 You indemnify us against all third-party claims and any liability arising therefrom.


8 Cancellation

8.1 The Rental Agreement must be terminated in writing (including by e-mail).

8.2 In the event of violation of the Terms and Conditions, we can immediately terminate the Rental Agreement. Otherwise, a notice period of two weeks applies to both parties.

8.3 In the event of cancellation, you must immediately pay any outstanding payments.

8.4 We may terminate any agreement with you without stating reasons.


9 Other conditions

9.1 You hereby give us permission to process your personal data. How do we do that? We explain this in our so-called Privacy Policy on our Website.

9.2 You guarantee the correctness and completeness of all information provided to us.

9.3 We may change the Terms. Any changes will be published in the App and/or on our Website.

9.4 Should one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.

9.5 These Terms and Conditions are governed by Austrian law.

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