Correct parking

Are you unsure where to park the moped and where not? Then this is the right place for you.

Parking correctly is simple

“Fast and safe from A to B” is our motto. Without a fine, it would be even better. Even with a GO Sharing e-moped, you have to observe the parking regulations. Yes, it’s annoying and above all there are far too many of them! Here we summarized the most important rules and parking signs.
Short-term parking zone
You can park your e-moped in a short-stay parking zone.
Car parking
You can park here, of course. But don’t use up too much space. The next car driver would be annoyed.
Moped parking
As if made for you.

How to park?

You have parked optimally when your e-moped is parked in a space-saving manner on a permitted spot. Please do not annoy the car drivers! So do not block a complete car parking space or park very close to a car. Rather park the moped horizontally to the parking lot.
No parking
Not even with a GO Sharing vehicle you are allowed to park in the no parking zone. Unfortunately! This includes all kinds of parking prohibitions such as a resident parking lot. Stopping briefly to treat yourself to a coffee is fine.
No stopping
It is also not allowed to park or hold the moped in the no-stopping zone.
Restriced areas and gates
Is obviously that you can not park on restricted areas and in front of gates or driveways.

Our service area

Here you can find out more about our different service areas. Small reminder: It is very important that you follow the rules on the road and the Austrian traffic regulations.
Green service area Here you can start, end the rental and park for 15 cents/minute.
Red service area Areas where you are not allowed to drive are shown in red in the app.
Outside our service area The gray area is outside our service area. Here you can drive and park for 15 cents/minute. The rent can not be terminated here.
Purple service area If you have discovered a purple area, you are a lucky man. There you will get a discount on your rent. Both when you start and when you finish the rental.

Is anything else unclear?

Explore our FAQs or contact our GO Sharing team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

most frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

You have located the e-scooter and if you have reserved it, you can simply click on ‘Start’ in the app to start the scooter. If you are standing next to the scooter without making a reservation, you can just scan the QR code on the scooter.
Click on ‘END’ in the app and the e-scooter will switch off automatically. This will end your ride. Note: your ride can be ended anywhere within the light green area. We also call this green area the ‘service area’. You cannot end your trip outside the service area, but you can of course park (temporarily). If you park the e-scooter (temporarily) outside the service area, you will only be charged € 0.15 per minute. Make sure that you do not cause any inconvenience when parking your e-scooter. We ask you to obey the rules and take your environment into account. So treat it as if it is your own property. Make sure that:
  1. You do not cause any inconveniences when parking your e-scooter.
  2. You park at a location where scooters and/or bicycles are allowed.
  3. Your e-scooter stands steady and upright on its standard.
  4. You do not let the e-scooter lean against anything.
  5. You do not park the e-scooter on the road.
  6. You are not blocking either an entrance or an exit.
There are a different packages in the app that you could buy. For example, you can drive with the GO Crazy package for €0.23 cents per minute. The minutes in your package will always stay valid.
Yes, we do.
Do you want to make a reservation for an e-scooter in your area? You will have 15 free minutes to get there and start the e-scooter. Your paid minutes start counting from the moment you start the e-scooter. When you end your ride in the app, the timer also stops.
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